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Phase two of the hidden objects hunt!

By Emma on June 11, 2013

sidebar_anyothername-144dpiSo, back when I announced that I’d hidden descriptions of twelve objects on the Split Worlds site, I also mentioned there would be a second phase once all of the links to the objects were out there on the interwebs.

Well, links to all twelve objects are now out there. I’ve been tweeting them over the past two weeks with the #splitworlds hashtag and also posting them on the Split Worlds Facebook page. (If you hate both Twitter and FB, just do a google search on #splitworlds to find the posts.)

The second phase and the prize!

On each of those hidden pages, just below the object’s description, I’ve asked a question. Those twelve questions form a quiz and to find the answers you need to read Any Other Name. If you’ve been doing that each time you’ve found an object page, then you should be feeling pretty chuffed with yourself because:

The first 3 people who send me the correct twelve answers by using this form will get a handwritten letter from a character of their choice (from the Split Worlds novels and/or stories) posted to them.

Ready? GO!

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