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Tea and Jeopardy 14 – A Chat with Melinda Snodgrass

By Emma on December 20, 2013

day5The fourteenth episode of Tea and Jeopardy is now live and you can find it here.

In this episode, the endlessly brilliant author and screenwriter Melinda Snodgrass is invited into the secret lair for cake and tea. We discuss writing for Hollywood, the episode “Measure of a Man” that Melinda wrote for Star Trek: The Next Generation and dressage.

If you’ve listened and got an answer for the question I asked at the end, be a bless-poppet and leave your answer in the comments below.

If you love Tea and Jeopardy and want to join the Order of the Sacred Tea Cup, our Patreon page is here.

Credits for sound effects can be found here. There will be a blooper reel, coming soon…

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  1. Hi Emma

    Loved the podcast and was glad to hear an episode again. Educational, too I had no idea of Melinda’s penname, for example.

    There are endless choices for secret tea lairs! I’ll offer just three historical ones, since I probably could come up with two or three dozen in the entirety of space-time without trying hard. I went for “holiday themed” occasions, too:

    1. January 1st 1902: The first US College Bowl game in Pasadena, California between Michigan and Stanford, preceded by the Tournament of Roses Parade itself through the streets of the city.

    2. 27 December 537 AD–the dedication of the Hagia Sophia in Constantinople

    3.Christmas Day, 800 AD, Rome, for the crowning of Charlemagne as Holy Roman Emperor

    Best Regards.
    Paul Weimer (@princejvstin) recently posted..“One Sheet” Molas Pass

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