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Tea and Jeopardy 09 – A Chat With Mike Underwood

By Emma on August 15, 2013

day5The ninth episode of Tea and Jeopardy is now live and you can find it here.

In this episode, the deliciously geeky author Mike Underwood is invited into my tea lair and I reveal my favourite answer to last week’s dilemma. We talk about Star Trek, swordplay and gateways to the geek lifestyle.

If you love Tea and Jeopardy and want to join the Order of the Sacred Tea Cup, our Patreon page is here.

If you’ve listened and got an answer for the question I asked at the end, be a bless-poppet and leave your answer in the comments below. Outlandish and comedic suggestions are most welcome, remember!

I’ll pick my favourite and that will be announced in the next episode.

Oh, and here’s a little blooper reel for this episode, which is mostly Pete (who plays Latimer) making me laugh. A lot. WARNING: There is swearing.

Credits for sound effects can be found here.

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  1. Getting stuff across the pond, in reference to your question, is the trick.

    But here’s an idea that requires some logistics. Pity I am not going to Worldcon, or I could help! You need to go hit up a dollar store or two and find some inexpensive plastic toy robots. I’m sure a search will turn them up. These can be used to decorate the party room, be given out as favors, or whatnot.

    Not very outlandish, I’m being ruthlessly and boringly practical.

    P.S. Americans love British tea and British chocolate. Or at least I do, and I loved when a British friend would come over for an Ambercon with her bags laden with BOTH.

  2. Fi Phillips says:

    Great interview. I was a Babylon 5 babe myself – even attended a convention at Shepherd’s Bush once.

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