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Tea and Jeopardy 06 – A Chat with Karina Cooper

By Emma on June 21, 2013

day5The sixth episode of Tea and Jeopardy is now live and you can find it here.

This week the fabulous author Karina Cooper is invited into my tea lair and I reveal my favourite answer to last week’s dilemma. We talk about writing sex scenes, Steampunk and a certain goblin king…

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There’s a question at the end, feel free to leave your answer below but I’m afraid the winner has already been picked. You can find out who it was in episode 7.

Credits for sound effects can be found here.

Oh, and here’s a little blooper reel for this episode. WARNING: There is swearing.

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  1. Lisa says:

    My answer?

    Martian spiders.

    Lisa recently posted..Awesomeness in Pictures!

  2. Fi Phillips says:

    Great podcast.

    Well, it must take a lot of effort (or magic) to keep his hair so big and sleek so I think he’d appreciate a hairdresser on hand. Maybe we could send the Junk Lady on a course. And Ludo has such big gentle hands, maybe we could train him up as a masseuse. Stealing babies and keepng the goblins in line must get incredibly stressful.
    Fi Phillips recently posted..Tuesday Choice Words

  3. One of Jareth’s secret advantages, is that the goblins he surrounds himself with are so stupid and hideous. By contrast, this enhances his own already prodigious attractiveness and charisma.

    So a suitable gift would be a few more truly hideous goblins. I suggest the following plan:

    1> Enter the fringes of the labyrinth (not too far in, you don’t want to get lost)
    2> Locate a small group of goblins. There are always patrols about, this shouldn’t be difficult
    3> Lure the goblins out with offers of sweet tea and cake. Goblins love sweets.
    4> Poison them. I suggest not using any poison with flesh-preservative qualities, such as arsenic, for reasons that will become obvious.
    5> Reanimate the goblin corpses. Necromantic rituals are a possibility, but I recommend consulting with a certain Doctor Frankenstein for more modern (and genteel) techniques.
    6> Deliver the goblins to the Goblin King. If possible, allow them to rot a bit before delivery, but not too much as removing such odors from your laboratory becomes more and more problematic as decay advances.

  4. I only got to listen to this today, so my suggestion might be too late.

    I understand the Goblin King does like music, and has performed some himself on rare occasions. So clearly a musical gift is in order…perhaps a flute carved from the thigh bone of a magical creature. A dragon, or a Griffin, perhaps?

    Finding such a thing might be a challenge…but I do understand you are acquainted with a rather unusual shop in Bath…
    Paul Weimer (@princejvstin) recently posted..Molas Pass

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