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Tea and Jeopardy 02 – A Chat with Sarah Pinborough

By Emma on May 17, 2013

day5The second episode of Tea and Jeopardy is now live and you can find it here.

This week the rather marvellous author and screenwriter Sarah Pinborough is invited into my tea lair and I reveal my favourite answer to last week’s dilemma.

There’s a question at the end, feel free to leave your answer below but I’m afraid the winner has already been picked. You can find out who it was in episode 3.

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Credits for sound effects can be found here.

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  1. As far as to question of the large blue box landing on the lawn, and the rather impertinent tendency of its owner to do so without warning, well, given that the large blue box is something of a one of a kind item, calling the local art museum and donating it (whilst the owner is off on whatever it is he does) would be the tactic I would use. It could be then promptly installed in one of their galleries.

    I understand this may have happened once before, and so this might not unduly inconvenience said owner. And it would avoid the unsightly bald spot the blue box would leave on the lawn.

  2. Emma says:

    With regards to the issue of the blue box, my feeling is that depositing a small child in said box would discourage the owner from carelessly leaving it on peoples pristine pride and joy. I know a five year old that would be ideal…

  3. Fi Phillips says:

    Even unexpected guests should be shown a certain level of courtesy and polite conversation, perhaps with a bowl of fishfingers and custard.

  4. Tim Van Sant says:

    I’m always more interested in the companions that accompany the permanent resident of that bigger-on-the-inside blue box. I would go so far as to say that I am Jonesing for a trip up [or down ;-)] River, pausing a moment to stop and smell the Roses, taking a dip in the Pond… if you know what I mean. Of course, my intentions are entirely Noble.
    Tim Van Sant recently posted..Oh, Nose!

  5. Dom Camus says:

    Goodness, I’m not sure I want a police box on my lawn! But maybe it’s an emergency, who knows? (No pun intended, I assure you.) If so, one must be accommodating. I suppose the best solution is to put up a polite sign saying: “Parking 50p/hour. Free parking available on the street.” And then supply a helpful arrow showing the way to the free parking, which after all is no more than a dozen yards away.

  6. Danny Davies says:

    Re: the Blue Box. Firstly, I’d check that it hadn’t landed on the cat. Secondly, I’d stow away, having ensured that sufficient catsitting arrangements have been put in place.

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