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The Split Worlds series, including Between Two Thorns, Any Other Name and All Is Fair.

Tea and Jeopardy – my Hugo-nominated podcast which is a combination of interview, audio theatre, singing chickens and pure, unadulterated whimsy.

Audio books recorded for Iambik Audio

My debut short story collection From Dark Places

Stories narrated for Dark Fiction Magazine:

Devil in Chains

Paying For Rain

A Study in Flesh and Mind

Things I write to help fellow authors:

An Author’s Friendly Guide to Twitter

The Writer’s Rutter

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  1. Hi there!

    I was hoping you could post this, or something like it, for your readers – I am excited being part of a change in publishing and helping emerging writers – hence the following details (pls, delete this if you feel it is inappropriate):

    Gerry Huntman
    Chief Editor
    IFWG Publishing (and follower of this fine site!)
    IFWG Publishing (international publisher, part owned by a UK director) has released its first monthly newsletter, and in it, we announced a quarterly short story writing contest and illustration award. Each quarter in each year we open the contest to a grouping of specific genres.

    The first quarter (open 1 December 2009, closing 15 February 2010) is Science Fiction and Fantasy, and the prizes are extensive – up to 33 finalists will have their short story published for free in an anthology, with the winning illustrator’s entry form the basis of the cover art. The winning short story writer will work with the publishing house to publish, for free, a book (anthology, novel, or some other product of similar size). The winning illustrator will be commissioned for the artwork of that said product. Finally, of the 4 winning illustrators for a given year, one will be judged the year’s best and be commissioned for 2 additional book covers.

    We ask for $5US entry to cover overheads, and to reduce frivolous entries.

    The link to our site that covers all details is as follows: http://www.ifwgpublishing.com/ (and click on Story Quest Contest link).

    We also invite your readers to subscribe to our newsletter (also at the site) to get updates on the status of the contest.

    I hope that you can advertise this to your readers. We genuinely want a large number of entries, and we certainly want to assist emerging authors to get exposure in the industry.

  2. Emma says:

    This is for a friend of mine who was talking about laptops and laptop deals – hope that helps!

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