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The Order of the Sacred Tea Cup

Tea and JeopardyThe Order of the Sacred Teacup counts among its members some of the finest individuals who have demonstrated such refined taste, excellent judgement and superlative generosity as to have become patrons of the Tea and Jeopardy podcast. If you would like to join the Order, and enjoy the rewards that come with membership, find out more on the Tea and Jeopardy Patreon page

Inner Tea Circle

Carrie Smith

Esteemed Members of the Order of the Sacred Teacup

Louise Löwenspets

Respected Ladies and Gentlemen of the Order of the Sacred Teacup

Paul Cornell

Thomas P. Leahy

Phil Shipley

José Kilbride

Dirk Reul

Special Friends of the Order of the Sacred Teacup

Misa Buckley

Jane Hanmer

Chriss Cornish

Lisa McCurrach

M. Horst

Nick Pudim

Stephanie Franklin

Sara Glassman

Adela Terrell

Iain Broome

Annie Catling

Fred Kiesche

Mark Carroll

Michael Norelli

Victoria Noad

Jeremy Carter

Deoridhe Grimsdottir

Christine Doyle

Eytan Zweig

Friends of the Order of the Sacred Teacup

Dominic Camus

Michael Lee

Terry Jackman

Joanne Hall

Jenni Martikainen


Ronna Nygren

Paul Weimer

Alan Stuart

Claire Rousseau

Claire Hardiker


Jon Pruett


Brianna Flynn

Sammy Smith

Patricia Matson

Marguerite Kenner


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