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Where you can find me at Worldcon

By Emma on August 23, 2013

The madness that is my 2013 schedule continues with my impending trip to Worldcon in San Antonio, Texas. I haven’t even had a chance to write up my last US trip to CONvergence in July (it was fantastic), nor my impressions of the very first Nine Worlds Geekfest a couple of weeks ago (also fabulous).

It feels like an age since I wrote a proper blog post and I fear several spinning plates are wobbling, but now is not the time to worry – now is the time to let you know where you can find me at Worldcon if you wish to do so.

Another update!

I discovered upon arrival that I’ve been given a last minute reading slot – hooray!

Monday 12:30-1pm
It’s in the convention centre at Riverwalk level, room 002B


9pm: Just A Minute

I am one of the players. Oh God. Honestly, I am utterly terrified, even though I’ve survived this once before. For those of you who haven’t seen it, come and watch Paul Cornell get increasingly discombobulated in the most adorable way as he hosts his version of the famous game.

For the rest of the evening:

I’m hosting a room party with a bunch of other author friends. We’ve been told it’s suite 3436 at the Rivercentre Hotel, but that might change last minute of course. Suffice to say look out for the Booksworn and Friends party on the party floor and I’ll be there from 10pm ish onwards. I’m bringing toffee and other traditional British sweets for your delight and delectation too.

Friday (late addition)

8pm: Panelist on “British Conventions: What You Might Expect”.


I’m planning to go to the SF Signal meet-up as last year’s was lovely and then on to the Angry Robot Spotlight panel to cheer my editor Lee Harris on. Then straight after that:

4:15pm at the Angry Robot table in the dealers room I’ll be signing copies of the Split Worlds series. I’ll give a copy of my short story anthology ‘From Dark Places’ to the first 5 people who come and get one of the Split Worlds books 🙂

7pm: Drinks with Authors at Ernie’s Barall the info is here, basically lots of booze, lots of authors, door prizes and all kinds of shenanigans, no doubt!

Monday 12:30-1pm – Reading, room 002B at the convention centre.

The rest of the time I’ll probably be floating around the bar or on the party floor. I’ll be at the Hugo’s on the Sunday night too.

Right, I’m off to finish sewing my latest outfit and do the other eleventy billion things I need to do before I leave. Engage Kermit Flail Mode.

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  1. John Wiswell says:

    We’ll definitely meet at SF Signal and Drinks with Authors! With good luck I’ll be set up by Thursday and see you as the player at Just a Minute. That would be tops!
    John Wiswell recently posted..The Succubus Argument

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