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More karmic promotion shenanigans

By Emma on January 18, 2013

Last week I did my first build-up-to-launch-with-added-karmic-balance post and it seemed to go down well. Another week closer to the launch of Between Two Thorns and a few very lovely things have happened.

ARCy goodness

The first is that I received a paperback ARC of the book and oh my, it really is beautiful. It was such a strange – and completely wonderful – feeling to see all those words in a proper book instead of either in my head or on a screen.

Something to listen to whilst [insert boring domestic task]

Secondly there is an interview with the fantastic Roundtable Podcast chaps Dave and Brion here: http://www.roundtablepodcast.com/2013/01/20-minutes-with-emma-newman/ I mentioned the Roundtable Podcast a while ago and I love the show, so it was really exciting to be able to chat with them and be part of it. I had a fantastic time – and there is more to come on that front very soon. I listen to podcasts when I have to cook or clean the kitchen (both hateful tasks) so I hope this helps to pass the time for you too.

Audio book version of Between Two Thorns!

The third is that I can now announce that I’ve recorded the audio book version of Between Two Thorns for Brilliance Audio and it will be released at the end of February. It was an amazing experience actually; instead of recording in my little home booth, I got to go to a proper studio and had an audio company direct and produce it. They’re called Audio Factory and are absolutely ace. I very much hope to work with them again soon.

SF Signal!

The cover and synopsis were featured on the SF Signal website which made me pleased as punch.

The Karmic Balance

Right, let’s restore the balance and talk about cool stuff which has got nothing to do with me and my book!

Book launch!

Laura Lam’s book Pantomime is being launched at Forbidden Planet on February 7th I would be there, but I have to go to have a horrible wisdom teeth appointment – boo! If you can though, going to support Laura would be a fine thing to do.

Holy costuming brain fizz, Batman!

I’m going to Eastercon and saw this about the The Mirror Mirror Ball which made me very excited:

So if you fancy dressing up at EightSquared, as well as the usual hall costume competition, we’ll be delighted to welcome you to The Mirror Mirror Ball. This Eastercon is about exploring past times and other worlds, alternate presents and possible futures, near and far. So come as your chosen alter ego from your favourite parallel universe, historical period or alternate reality of choice. (Or just come along to see what other people are wearing.)

The whole blog post is here: http://eightsquaredcon.wordpress.com/2013/01/04/eightsquareds-costume-event-the-mirror-mirror-ball/

My dressmaking / costuming brain lit up like a Christmas tree when I read that. I’ve no idea what I’m going to make yet, but I plan to make something! Are you going to Eastercon?


Even though practically everyone I know had already seen it, I watched Up for the first time a couple of weeks ago and it’s now in my top five favourite films. That opening fifteen minutes had me sobbing away (though I have been known to cry at an oven chip advert, so read into that what you will) and I laughed out loud (rare for me) and cried a lot more throughout. It was such an amazing experience and convinced me that I should be brave and travel to the States by myself this year – but that’s another post.

The power of community

And last, but certainly not least is something you may well already know about, but made me extraordinarily happy: an amazing fundraiser for Jay Lake. It smashed the target and demonstrated how powerful and incredibly generous a community can be. If you haven’t already seen it, it’s here: http://www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/Sequence-a-Science-Fiction-Writer/38705

Anything to share?

Have you seen/read/listened to something amazing this week? Tell me, go on, tell meeeeeee…

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  1. I’d just like to say that your new book cover is positively exquisite, Emma. Very grabby hands right now. Congratulations on well-earned/deserved praise and attention! xx

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