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In case you are wondering…

By Emma on February 18, 2016

… I am actually still alive. I am simply SWAMPED at the moment, which is both wonderful and very tiring. I’ve been recording an audiobook in the studio (will tell you about that when it comes out), working on the 4th Split Worlds novel ‘A Little Knowledge’ (sheer JOY to be back in the Split Worlds!), editing my next sci-fi novel for Roc called After Atlas, prepping for the relaunch of the first 3 Split Worlds novels with my new publisher, making Tea and Jeopardy episodes, working on the Split Worlds LARP and, you know, trying to keep the wheels on at home.

Since the new year I’ve written about 110K words, edited 120K and simply haven’t had a spare moment to do an eligibility post, so I’m going to get that out of the way now.

rsz_1rsz_planetfall_final_coverMy novel, Planetfall (Published by Roc, November 3rd 2015), is eligible in the ‘Best novel’ category for the Hugos and the ‘Best SF novel’ in the Locus awards.

There’s still time to nominate it for both of those awards, and the Locus one is a super-easy online ticky thing – Planetfall is on their suggested list so you don’t even have to type it in! – you don’t need to be a subscriber to vote.
day5Tea and Jeopardy is also eligible for the Best Fancast category in the Hugos.

Also, just as a heads up, I will be one of the guests at this year’s SciFi Weekender in March, and I’m Guest of Honour at Edge-Lit in July. Which is nice!

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