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Between Two Thorns Launches, Prizes and Parties!

By Emma on February 15, 2013

It’s with trembling hands that I write this post. It’s happening. It’s really happening! The first Split Worlds novel Between Two Thorns is being released very, very soon and there are launches and all kinds of things to tell you about:

Two launch events in the UK
A launch event for everyone who can’t make it to those
A grand prize draw for lovely people who pre-order


7th March 6-7pm Forbidden Planet, BRISTOL
8th March 6-7pm Forbidden Planet, LONDON

There will be a reading, Q and A, signing at both launches but more than that:

A special exclusive story will be written just for those who come to the launches. You’ll receive it in an envelope, all printed in a very lovely way and signed by me. It will not exist digitally, nor will it be given or sent out to anyone else. Only you will get one, as a thank you for coming.


One of those envelopes will contain a golden ticket. Not even I will know which one. The winner of the golden ticket will get a copy of “Any Other Name” – the second novel in the Split Worlds series – as soon as it comes out. Signed, of course!

Afterwards we’ll repair to a local establishment. As I don’t have to drive to the London launch, you’ll also get to see a rather tiddly author reaching the end of a very exciting, busy and fraught month. You can hazard a guess at how funny that may be.

But seriously, it would make me so very, very happy to see you at any (or all!) of these events. I may do a Paul Cornell and bring champagne if lots of people can come!

But I don’t live anywhere near Bristol or London or even in the UK!

I know there are lots of lovely people who have been enjoying the Split Worlds stories in the States, Australia, the Netherlands and a few other countries. Thanks to the joy of Twitter I chat with people all over the world every day. (That still blows my mind.)

I don’t want you guys to feel left out of the party, so Angry Robot and I are arranging a telephonic book launch party that you can enjoy from the comfort of your armchair, no matter where in the world you are. It’s as close to a proper book launch we can have virtually; you’ll hear me, I’ll hear you and we can have cups of tea whenever we like.

It is on Saturday March 2nd at 5pm GMT.

All of the details, including the number to call depending on the country you’re in and a link to a time converter is on the Angry Robot blog.

And for you fabulous people who are the pre-ordering sort:

Pre-order a copy of Between Two Thorns for a chance to win a great prize!

Pre-order a copy of Between Two Thorns and you’ll be entered into a prize draw. The winner will have a character in “All Is Fair” – the third Split Worlds novel (released October 2013) named after them – and a special mention at the end of the book.

Those of you who come to the launches will also have an entry and we’ll be drawing the winner at the end of the London launch.

How to Enter
Pre-order a copy of the book from your favourite retailer (if you pre-order from Forbidden Planet you’ll get a signed copy).

If you order from Forbidden Planet or robottradingcompany.com (for ebooks) you don’t need to do anything else – Angry Robot will take care of your entry for you. If you pre-order from anywhere else you’ll need to email a copy of your order confirmation to: thorns AT angryrobotbooks.com and they’ll assign a number to you.

Here are links to all the places you can pre-order:

Forbidden Planet (signed paperback)

Angry Robot Trading company – for DRM-free ebook 

Amazon (paperback) UK – US

The Book Depository (Worldwide free postage) – UK Edition – US Edition 

But seriously…

I would dearly love to see you at the launches if you can make them, or hear your voice in the virtual one if you can’t. If you are looking forward to the book, pre-ordering would give Between Two Thorns a splendid start and I’ll raise a cup of tea to you. You won’t see that, of course, but the thought counts, right?

Any questions? Ask away below! And if you could help me spread the word about these events and the competition you will officially be a bless poppet. That’s a very good thing, in case you’re wondering…

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  1. Mieneke says:

    OMG, the telephonic booklaunch is an awesome idea 😀 I’m definitely going to try to make that one!!
    Mieneke recently posted..Emma Newman – Between Two Thorns

  2. Jo Hall says:

    Definitely coming to the Bristol launch!
    Jo Hall recently posted..Pre-order Art Of Forgetting! (and some other bits and pieces…)

  3. Caroline says:

    OK! Book pre-ordered (from Forbidden Planet) and I’d love to come to the London launch.

    Is it necessary to sign up for it? I looked but couldn’t see anywhere to do this …

    I’m off now to be a bless poppet (love it!) and spread the word.

    • Emma says:

      Hi Caroline,

      You have unlocked the ‘Bless poppet’ achievement with flying colours! You don’t need to sign up – early next week there will be a Facebook event set up for it, but that’s more of a reminder than anything else. Just turn up, enjoy and then come and party afterwards!

  4. Wish I could be there, Em, if only to see you tiddly and exhausted 🙂

    Enjoy it all. You’ve worked so hard and deserve huge success.
    Graham Storrs recently posted..Interviewed by the Gold Coast Speckies

    • Emma says:

      I wish you could be here too Graham! One day we will have that beer. One day. Though I’ll be on the wine, thanks to my stupid GF diet…

  5. Annie Evett says:

    I so wish I was in the UK to celebrate with you.. HAving been a (very) silent fan of yours for a few years and have always appreciated the updates and emails you send.. I am delighted and thrilled for you. I’ve given it a plug on FB, Twitter and my blog… blessings.


  6. Andrew Barton says:

    It seems the pre-order link takes you to a page that assumes you want the book posted to you, so the web price discount is more than cancelled out by postage. Is there a way to pre-order and collect on the day?

    My wife is hoping to come to the London launch.

    • Emma says:

      Hi Andrew,

      I have no control over this, I’m afraid, but I’m making enquiries to see if there’s a solution and will let you know as soon as I do. And hooray for your wife coming to the London launch!

    • Emma says:

      Hi Andrew, I’ve just heard back. There’s no need to pre-order if you or your wife are coming to the launch – everyone who buys a book at the launch is entered into the draw 🙂 I hope that helps! Em x

  7. sdginther says:

    Dear Emma,
    Found you throught Chuck Wendig’s blog. Found the Q&A intersting enough to follow up over here. Signed up for the short stories….even doing them the way you released them 1 a week for a year and a day.

    The Cabin… crazy creepy cool. definitely looking forward to the rest. now I have the dilemma of wether to buy your book now, or wait until I’ve read all the SS…..

    Keep it up Emma, your site is now in my favorites list.

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