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Being Brave and Giving Generously

By Emma on February 22, 2013

Those are the themes this week – I’ve been trying to be brave and lots of people have been giving generously by blogging and tweeting about the upcoming release of Between Two Thorns. Before anything else, I want to thank you all.

What a week! Blimey, have I had to seriously wrangle some anxiety beasts. There’s been lots of prep for the Split Worlds launches and upcoming events, all made utterly exhausting by having to manage this irritating propensity I have for worrying myself ragged.

Hey ho.

I thought it was a good time to let you know some more details about the next two events happening (frighteningly) soon and also give a shout out to some splendid people doing some splendid things.

Microcon (23rd February, 2013)

So the final details have come in and I plan to be there from 10am (ish) to 5pm (ish) on the Saturday. It’s happening in room D, Streatham Court on the Streatham Campus of Exeter University. I plan to hang out with friends, make new ones and then in the afternoon…

3pm: I’ll be reading from Between Two Thorns, some short stories and answering questions.
4pm: I’m on a panel: Dark Fantasy, The Present and the Future

Then less than a week later I’ll be packing the car as if I’m going camping in the Siberian Wilderness and travelling to the:

Sci-Fi Weekender!

Here’s where you’ll find me (when I’m not in the bar or watching something else).

Friday 1st March
1 – 2 pm (Spaceport): Here Come the Girls: A female view of writing and editing
Amanda Rutter (Mod), Kim Curran, Sam Stone, Stacia Kane, Raven Dane, Francis Knight

3 – 4 pm (Main Void): Just A Minute *
with Paul Cornell, Gareth L. Powell, Stacia Kane, Chris Brookmyre

Saturday 2nd March

11- 11:30 am (Angry Robot table) – I’ll be signing copies of Between Two Thorns – and as it’s before the official UK release date, if you buy a copy it will count as a pre-order and you’ll be entered into the draw.
Noon – 1pm (Spaceport): It’s the End! Why the End of the World is so Popular. A discussion on the popularity of Apocalypse fiction in Print and Film.
with Gareth Powell (Mod), Hugh Howey, David Moody, Peter V Brett

3.00 – 4.00 (Spaceport): Fantasy Worlds: Creating Marvels. The term ‘Fantasy’ covers a whole range of sub-genres in fiction. This is a panel exploring the cross-over of genres from Urban Fantasy, Portal Fantasy, Satirical Fantasy and Steampunk.
with Robert Rankin (Mod), Paul Cornell, Stacia Kane, Raven Dane, Peter V Brett, Danie Ware

* I’d just like to state for the record that nothing has terrified me more in recent years than the prospect of playing Just A Minute, live, on a stage in front of potentially a couple of thousand people. Oh. My. God.

So that’s the events stuff, before I go on to the next bit, can I just squee at you about this review of Between Two Thorns? I must confess, it made me a little tearful (in a good way!) when I read it.

Oh! And the book got a lovely mention in Kirkus’ books to look forward to in February article. Which is nice.

The splendid things other people are doing

As you know, I like to balance out any talk of my own shenanigans with talk about other fabulous people and what they’re up to. I’m really excited about the two I’m bringing to you this week, but for very different reasons.

Marathon man

The first is that a very lovely fellow called Paul Anderson is going to run in the London marathon. Paul is one half of eMergent Publishing who published my short story collection From Dark Places.

Now, it’s not the fact he’s running it (which is an incredible thing alone) that’s exciting for me, it’s who he is raising the money for: Mind, a charity that provides support for anyone experiencing a mental health problem. They do fantastic, important and necessary work.

Paul’s fundraising page is at http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/panderson1979

He’s also set up a game site too, where for a small sponsorship you can try to guess the time he’ll finish in and win a prize. That can be found at http://guessability.com/fundraiser/paul-anderson/event/london-marathon

Nine Worlds Geekfest

A Kickstarter popped up on Paul Cornell’s feed last week that got me all excited – so excited it’s the first one I’ve pledged for. It’s a big convention planned for August this year, near Heathrow, in the same vein as the massive US cons in attitude, aspiration and vision. I do believe there is scope to have something like Nine Worlds here in addition to what we have in the UK already.

The Kickstarter is here:  http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/nineworlds/nine-worlds-geekfest-an-unconventional-convention

As I told the organisers, I think it takes a huge amount of courage to plan big and then stand up and be filmed asking for people’s support. So good for them, I say. And to you I say, check it out. I like what they’re doing and it would be lovely to see you there.

And in the voice of Columbo…

There’s just one more thing. The launch events in Bristol and London now have Facebook event pages so if you are coming (don’t forget you’ll get an exclusive signed Split Worlds story that will not be released anywhere else!) and use FB, it would be splendid if you could pop over and click the ‘going’ doohicky.**

Bristol: https://www.facebook.com/events/343905812380031/
London: https://www.facebook.com/events/277495009048512/

**Technical term

Right then. I’m off to sew some stuff for the Weekender and then hide, shivering under a blanket until I’m forced to leave the house. Anxiety, eh? Fun and games… fun and games.

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