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A postcard from the whirlwind

By Emma on March 21, 2013

You know when you get an exotic postcard and the person who sent it is already home? That’s what this blog post is: a postcard all about the amazing things that have happened over the last two weeks and now seem kind of weird to talk about, but without the picture of the beach and palm trees. Where do I start?

The first picture of myself that hasn’t made me cringe

I didn’t think such a thing could exist, but it now officially does. As luck would have it, it’s the photo that’s in this month’s SFX magazine and there’s a rather lovely article on the page opposite about… me. How bizarre – and thoroughly exciting. The magazine is on sale right now (March 2013) in newsagents, lovely geeky places and supermarkets all over the UK and available as a digital download too, I believe.

This is what my husband did in response to some things people have said about it.

I’ve been reading SFX Magazine for years and to actually be one of the featured authors feels… amazing.

And then the day after that…

The day after that issue of SFX magazine was released on sale, the first of the Between Two Thorns launches took place at Forbidden Planet, Bristol.

Photo used with kind permission of Heike Harding-Reyland

Needless to say, I was nervous as hell. I worried that no-one would be there except my editor, Lee Harris (who was there for work, obviously), my best friend who was there to keep me sane, and some bloke escaping the rain who’d never read anything but the newspaper for the last decade.

Happily, I was wrong! There were lots and lots of people – a crowd no less! – and I was signing copies for the full hour. Forbidden Planet said it’s the best attended launch/signing they’ve ever had in Bristol, which is nice. And they gave me tea and jelly babies too – how lovely is that?

I saw old friends, I met new ones, I rubbed shoulders with the finest geeks of Bristol and Bath and it was brilliant. One of the lovely people I met there was a Mr Cavan Scott, who wrote this about the launch: http://cavanscott.com/2013/03/book-launch-emma-newmans-between-two-thorns/ He is also a fan of Upstairs, Downstairs so we’re destined to be friends.

Then the day after that…

Photo used with kind permission of Jeff Wooliscroft

It was the London Forbidden Planet launch. I thought I had reached the pinnacle of nerves at the Bristol launch but my body managed to find a whole new reservoir of adrenalin and gut-cramping terror for that event too.

Again, it was all just my own anxiety bobbinry, and the event was a great success, followed by champagne!

I was so touched to see so many people – at both events – and wanted to say thank you. Honestly, the fear of a launch filled with tumbleweeds is very real, very visceral and it means such a lot to see people smiling whilst you’re clutching a book you wrote yourself, trembling, as it’s launched into the big scary world.

Whilst I’m at it, I’d also like to thank everyone who has been sending me the best tweets and emails ever about how much they’ve enjoyed Between Two Thorns. I cannot express in these meagre words how much that means to me.

And then two days after that…

I was back in the recording studio, narrating “Any Other Name” which is the second novel in the Split Worlds series. You can get the audio book of Between Two Thorns on Audible, by the way. That’s all wrapped up now, so I’m editing the third book (“All Is Fair”), gearing up for Eastercon (more on that very soon) and also making preparations for two very exciting projects that I’m going to be really annoying about and not say anything more yet.


Some things that went up online during that time

Between Two Thorns was one of the Barnes & Noble science fiction and fantasy picks for March!
The penultimate and last of the year and a day of Split Worlds stories
My Favourite Bit of Between Two Thorns
The Big Idea behind it (or not, in fact)
10 questions about Between Two Thorns
The thinking behind the names of the Great Families
I was on the Tangential Deviation podcast

But that’s enough about me!

During this crazy time, the fabulous Nine Worlds Geekfest had a more than successful Kickstarter campaign come to an end with 232% funded of their £10,000 goal. YAY! Will I see you there?

Adam Christopher’s sequel to Empire State is launching next month and there’s a book launch in London 

The very, very talented illustrator Tom Brown is teaming up with Jonathan Green for a grim Gothic Tale on Kickstarter

I’ve become addicted to Fallen London and I implore you to check it out because the writing is just too wonderful to miss.

Have you come across anything wonderful you’d like to share? If so, pop it in the comments below!

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