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Three questions and 1000 free copies of Between Two Thorns

By Emma on October 22, 2013

booshTomorrow I’m getting my first smartphone after being stuck with a Blackberry for far too long. I’m quite excited. There’s a whole world of apps waiting for me, and this is one I’m particularly excited about: Boosh – it’s all about sharing books you’ve read on your phone with your friends. I’m also looking forward to trying that zombie running one too, but that’s another story.

Right now, I want to focus on Boosh, because Angry Robot Books are giving away 1000 copies of Between Two Thorns as part of the app’s launch, and one of those could be yours.

Before I go any further, here are three questions:

1: Do you use Facebook?
2: Do you have an android smartphone?
3: Do you live in the UK/Ireland?

If the answer to all three is yes, then read on! If it’s no to number 2, there will be an iPhone related announcement soon. If it’s no to all three, no problem, here’s the latest episode of Tea and Jeopardy if you missed it. I’ll keep you posted on if the app is rolled out to other territories.

If you answered yes to all three…

Boosh is a new app is being launched and the basic idea is that it lets you read a book on your phone and then share it with a friend. Angry Robot put it like this:

“Boosh – it stands for Book share, and it’s a way to spread the love of an ebook you’ve enjoyed by sharing it with your friends through social media networks. The books are shared on mobile phones. And the best bit? The first X number of people to download the app and the books get the books for free!

The pilot of this service will run in the UK and Ireland only, at first. You can download the Android app right now, but the iOS app has been delayed slightly due to the recent launch of iOS7 – expect this within 2-3 weeks or so…

Angry Robot will be the first SF/F publisher involved in the programme, and a whole host of our authors have signed up for it, already. “

I am one of those authors. And that means that there are…

1000 e-copies of Between Two Thorns to give away!

BetweenTwoThorns-tinyYup. The first 1000 people to like the Split Worlds Facebook page and download the Boosh app will get a FREE copy of Between Two Thorns to read on their phone and then share with a friend so they can read it for free too!

And if you’ve already read it, and loved it, it would be utterly gorgeous of you to try out the app and share Between Two Thorns with a friend who might love it too.

In a nutshell:

If you live in the UK or Ireland, have an Android phone and use Facebook, go to the Split Worlds Facebook page and hit the LIKE button, grab the Boosh app from the Google Play store, and then read the first novel of the Split Worlds series anywhere you like. For FREE!

P.S. If you have technical questions about the app, try the Boosh FAQ or contact them directly – they will be able to help you far better than I can!

P.P.S. If you have any other android apps to recommend put them below so I can have a gander at them!

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  1. NickPheas says:

    Liked and downloaded, but no book yet. Will try again in a bit, or are the thousand gone already?

    As far as other apps go, Alison is my book reader of choice.

    • Emma says:

      Hi Nick, sorry to hear that but as I said, anything regarding the technical aspects need to be directed towards Boosh – I’m just the author of the book 🙂 I don’t think the 1000 will have gone yet. They have a page on Facebook “Boosh Reads” or try contact through their site. Let me know how you get on x

    • Dave Townend says:

      Hi Nick,

      Sorry to hear of your problem, and apologies for not spotting your comment earlier. Please do get in touch and we’ll see if we can get your app working. email me at booshreads@gmail.com


  2. NickPheas says:

    Stupid, stupid predictive text. ALDIKO not Alison. Who is doubtless a lovely person, but does not fit in my pocket.

  3. Spindles says:

    Hey Emma,

    Welcome to the Android user’s world. 🙂

    Apps you should check out:
    Amazon Kindle/Aldiko for eBooks
    Box/Dropbox for cloud storage
    Google Play Music/Spotify for music
    Comixology / Marvel Unlimited if you like comics
    Evernote for note taking / ToDo lists
    IMDB for resolving those “What’s he been in’ conversations
    Also, check out iRig MicCasts for podcasting on the go.. It’s what I’ve been using lately for NerdVsWorld

    Anyhoo… Have fun. 🙂


  4. Emma Shortt says:

    I’m still stuck with a bloody Blackberry.

    I already have this though, so will share with friends. 🙂

  5. Sally Maria says:

    I hope you enjoy your new phone – my Android is one of my favourite things. 🙂

    As a phone, my favourite app is Shush – it manages the ringer, so you can silence it for a set period of time. I was always forgetting to turn mine back on after I’d been to the cinema etc – this way it happens automatically.

    Juice Defender is good for extending the battery life, TweetCaster for Twitter, Pocket is great for storing web pages to read later and AirDroid is really useful for wirelessly copying files from your computer to the phone.

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