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The first book launch event!

By Emma on March 31, 2011

On Friday the 8th of April (if the nerves don’t kill me first) I’ll be having my first ever book launch. It’s for From Dark Places and here are the details:

Time: 6 – 8pm 8th April 2011
Location: Cornerhouse Manchester  in one of the upstairs rooms – I’ll make sure there are signs up on the day.

Can you come?

My biggest fear is that the shiny room my lovely Dad is hiring for me as a present will be practically empty. I think that fear is universal for authors with impending book launches. So, if you can possibly make it, please do come. Why?

  • Because I will be selling the first paperback copies hot off the press
  • I will sign your copy
  • If you buy a copy as a present, I’ll write a lovely note to the person it’s for
  • You’ll get to be part of the next anthology – details revealed at the event
  • You will get to hear two of the stories read live (by me)
  • Heavy-breasted maidens will sing your name down the ages
  • You’ll help to make a nervous author’s dream come true…

Even if you can’t make it, please help me to spread the word – online networks are marvellous things and who knows, a friend of yours might be able to come instead.

If you are planning to come, it would be super-duper helpful if you could either say so in the comments or drop me a line through the contact doohickey at the top. Then I’ll be able to sleep at night knowing someone will be there.

I also intend to have events in Bath, Oxford, London and of course, the lovely Shepton Mallet. And for all you lovely souls who live a long way away from all of those locations, I am planning to have a virtual launch… details on that to follow soon.

So, Friday 8th April, Manchester Cornerhouse 6-8pm, please come and support From Dark Places!

Em xx

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  1. Big congratulations!! Wish that I could be there. I know that you will have a full house.

  2. Paul says:

    Re: the second last item of reasons to come…

    … we weren’t supposed to source them too were we? Valkyries may be in short supply…

    But seriously, have a blast with this, wish I could be there. London! Definitely!

  3. G.P. Ching says:

    I will be there virtually! I’ll be sure to support you on-line as much as possible and I wish you the best in your launch.

  4. Count me in – see you 6pm sharp(ish)!

  5. Misa Buckley says:

    Hey, I live in Manchester (well, just outside) so I’ll mosy along 🙂

  6. Tony Noland says:

    Good luck, Em! Be sure to let your library connections know – you’ll get a full hose for sure!

  7. Oh I wish I could but Manchester is a step too far for me… will be there in spirit x

  8. Congrats, Em! I hope you have a very successful evening. Many blessings to you!

  9. Sam Adamson says:

    Rats! How I soooo wish I could be there on the night, sadly I don’t think it’ll be possible…and I wanted to see the singers too.

    I will be there in spirit, and will raise a glass to you here on the night, probably at the same time as I click “Add to Cart” in my favourite online bookshop; not quite the same but still.

    Here’s hoping you have a brilliant night (which I’m sure you will) and that the place is packed to the rafters (which I’m sure it will be).

    Huge congrats, Em! 😀

  10. I wish I could be there! But, I will be in a different country so the chances of me making it are slim. 😉 I’ll be there in spirit though, does that count?!

  11. Hey, look, heavy-breasted maidens already sing my name down the ages (Can I get a bit of quiet please, ladies? I’m trying to write, here.) so it’s only everything else that would make me turn up. That and an aeroplane. But I wish you all the best for the night. Break a pen (or whatever you say to authors with stage fright).

  12. I’ve already told you I’m getting my lotto ticket this weekend and I’m winning and throwing all my family on a plane at the very last moment to be there… I know where your Dad lives!!

    Seriously though… I’ll be biting my nails for you on this side of the world next Friday evening and will most definitely be on the phone to you afterward.

    You are more than deserving of this and I believe it will be heavy-breasted maidens singing YOUR name through the ages… or possibly down the street if the after party goes the way you intend it!

    Much love to you Em. Those thoughts have wings…

  13. Rebecca Emin says:

    Put me down for Oxford!! Wow that made me grin like a cheshire cat to see ‘Oxford’ in the list.

    Hope your launch in Manchester launch goes well.


  14. Friday, Manchester, 6pm. It’s in the diary!

  15. Caroline says:

    Oooh yes, London or Oxford or Bath (perhaps all three!) depending on dates.

    Good luck with Manchester, will be thinking of you and hope it goes well, it looks like you’ve already got some people for that.

    Off to spread the word now …

  16. Joely Black says:

    I’ll see you there, and it will be fine.


  17. Emma says:

    Oh, you guys rock! And Misa and Billy, it’ll be great to meet you 🙂

    Heather, being there in spirit counts an awful lot!


    P.S. Graham, you made me snort tea…

  18. Huge congrats from the states! I can’t make it, of course, but wishing you the best. Well deserved, yours to be fully proud of. All the best!

  19. […] a tiny reminder that there is the book launch in Manchester on Friday and a great big shout-out for a newly scheduled event happening in Sunderland on Sunday 10th April […]

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