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Sleepless nights

By Emma on November 1, 2016

afteratlascoverIn seven days time, there are two nerve wracking events taking place:

The US Presidential election AND the launch of After Atlas, my next science fiction novel, set in the Planetfall universe.

They are incomparable, of course, but both are keeping me from sleeping well, so they get to share a blog post. Here is an insight into what my brain does when I am trying to sleep:

Brain: Hey, Em, I know we’re exhausted, cos we’ve been working insanely hard, but let’s think about your new book coming out, and all of the terrible things that might happen.

Em: No, please don’t. Let’s talk about something else.

Brain: So. That election eh? I wonder who’s gonna win?

Em: I know who I really don’t want to win.

Brain: Yeah, surely they wouldn’t elect someone like that.

Em: Yeah, it’s going to be fine. They are incomparable. One candidate is clearly a million times more awful than the other. Surely, surely the worst won’t happen.

Brain: Yeah. Surely not. That would be terrible. Hey! Remember Brexit?

Em: (Starts panicking) Oh God. Let’s think about something else.

Brain: So… new book coming out-

Rinse and repeat…


I’m not going to talk any more about the election because URGH! So I guess that leaves the whole book coming out thing….

So! Here’s a little bit of a Q and A for you. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, ask in the comments!

What is After Atlas about?

Here’s a handy blurb that my publisher wrote (you can tell it wasn’t me as I could never call myself “acclaimed author Emma Newman” without dissolving into a puddle of British embarrassment):
Acclaimed author Emma Newman returns to the captivating universe she created in Planetfall with a stunning science fiction mystery where one man’s murder is much more than it seems…

Gov-corp detective Carlos Moreno was only a baby when Atlas left Earth to seek truth among the stars. But in that moment, the course of Carlos’s entire life changed. Atlas is what took his mother away; what made his father lose hope; what led Alejandro Casales, leader of the religious cult known as the Circle, to his door. And now, on the eve of the fortieth anniversary of Atlas’s departure, it’s got something to do why Casales was found dead in his hotel room—and why Carlos is the man in charge of the investigation.

To figure out who killed one of the most powerful men on Earth, Carlos is supposed to put aside his personal history. But the deeper he delves into the case, the more he realizes that escaping the past is not so easy. There’s more to Casales’s death than meets the eye, and something much more sinister to the legacy of Atlas than anyone realizes…

Is this a sequel to Planetfall?

No. It’s set in the same universe, but it has completely different characters and is set on Earth.

When can I buy it?

Well, you can pre-order now (and that would be amazing, please do that if you can!), or you can wait until November 8th 2016 to buy it in shops.

Where can I buy it?

Here is a handy page containing linky goodness.

What about a signed copy?

You can order a signed copy from Forbidden Planet.

Are you having a book launch?

Why, yes, I am! Come and join me! It’s at Forbidden Planet, Shaftesbury Avenue, London on Saturday November 12th 1-2pm. Afterwards we’ll decamp somewhere to have milkshake/hot chocolate/booze. Here’s a Facebook event thingy for it.

Will there be an audiobook version?

There will! However, I haven’t narrated this one, as the protagonist is male. When I have all the details for it, I’ll add them here.

What if I haven’t read Planetfall?

You can read After Atlas first if you like. Even though they are connected and set in the universe, they can be read in any order.

What if I’ve only read the Split Worlds series?

Well, you’re still awesome. All I would say is that my science fiction novels have a different feel as they are written from the perspective of one character that you follow through the story.

What if I want to try this but I don’t read science fiction?

I’ve had lovely letters from people who have said they loved Planetfall even though they don’t read in that genre. If you generally stay away from sci-fi because you’re worried it’s too focused on tech and not on people, you don’t need to worry about that here. My books are about people first, tech second. And it’s really cool tech too.

I’m still not sure. What have other people said about it?

Well, Publisher’s Weekly gave it a starred review and have listed it in their best books of 2016. Which is nice.

And Starburst Magazine gave it 10/10 stars and said “Expect to see this book on various award shortlists in 2017. It’s that good.”

And Barnes and Noble said it’s “painfully good Sci-fi” 

Okay, okay, blimey, enough already! So this pre-ordering lark, why is that a good thing then?

Well, it’s good for you and for me. It’s good for you, because it means the book arrives as soon as it’s released. It also means that if you pre-order the e-book, it will be there, waiting for you, ready to take you away from the US election.

It’s good for me because these days, a book has to perform very well, very quickly in order to increase its chance of success and also make it more likely that I get to write more books and have them published by Roc (and I really want this to happen as they are brilliant). Pre-order sales are the best way to reassure the publisher and the book stores that there is demand for the book, and that they haven’t made a mistake investing in me.

In short, if you possibly can, please pre-order. And if you want it signed, pre-order from Forbidden Planet.

So there we go! If I’ve left anything out, ask me in the comments! I’m off to build a blanket fort.

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