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Once upon a time…

By Emma on September 24, 2013

All Is Fair - Split Worlds #3

All Is Fair – Split Worlds #3

… there was an author who was so stressed out by moving house that she got the U.S. release date wrong for the third novel in her urban fantasy series.

No prizes for guessing who that author is. What can I say? I’ve been horribly distracted by house sale and purchase shenanigans which, as fellow UK house-owners and buyers will attest to, is a hugely stressful, drawn-out and rather agonising process. But really, I should have got this right. All Is Fair is out today in the US and Canada, and in its audio and e-book forms too.

Anyway, I’ve made a shiny new page for my shiny new book and on there you can find all the places you can buy it from. The paperback is released in the UK on October 3rd (and I double checked that!) but you can buy the e-book right now from the Robot Trading Company as a DRM-free e-pub.

The audio book version is out today too, and all the places you can buy that are listed here too. I expect it will be on Audible very soon.

Would you like me to deface a copy for you?

When the paperback is released in the UK I would be delighted to scrawl something on it for you, should you wish. I’m planning to sign some copies for Topping Books in Bath, because they are lovely, and I’ll let you know when those are in stock. I’m also appearing at a few events over October, so if you’d like me to sign any of the Split Worlds novels (all three would be rather lovely!) here’s where you can find me:

October 10th 6pm-7:15pm – Birmingham Literature Festival, New Voices event.
I’ll be participating in a panel, doing a short reading and will be available afterwards for signing.

October 19th – Bristol Festival of Literature, The Kraken Rises 
I’m participating in a rather interesting event as part of the Bristol Festival of Literature. I’ll be blogging about this properly soon but suffice to say that if you’re taking part and you just happen to have one of the Split Worlds novels on you, I may just happen to have my signing pen with me 😉

October 26th – Bristolcon A one-day SFF con

I am really looking forward to this. It’s a one-day convention and the closest one to where I live, so officially “my local” and this will be my third year of attendance – blimey! Small, perfectly formed and friendly, come if you can! I’ll be interviewing guest of honour Philip Reeve there, by the way, which I’m very excited about.

October 31st 6-7pm – Angry Robot Halloween Takeover at Forbidden Planet, London

A chance for you to get books signed by not just me, but a whole swathe of Angry Robot authors!

October 31st – November 3rd: World Fantasy Con in Brighton.
I’ll be there for the whole event (apart from the Friday evening when I’ll be in London!), more details on the panel I’m doing (and something else I have planned) to follow.

World Fantasy Con is officially my last event of the year. Seeing as I’ll probably be moving house somewhere between Bristolcon and WFC, that’s something I’m quite relieved about!

Right. Now I’d better go and tidy up the Split Worlds site and let a few other people know the book is out. But first: tea. Obviously.

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  1. Heike Harding-Reyland says:

    Hi Emma g I just had an email from Amazon telling me that your book will be arriving at the earlier date of 26th September. Isn’t that beautiful!? Anyway, hope to see you soon! Heike x

  2. Emma says:

    It *is* beautiful because there’s a bit in it that I can’t wait for you to read!

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