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Brother’s Ruin is out today!

By Emma on March 14, 2017

brothersruin_cover_hiresIf you’re in the mood for something a bit lighter than my usual fare, set in an 1850s London where magic, rather than science, is responsible for the industrial revolution, then you’re in luck! (Okay, that’s pretty unlikely but hopefully it has whet your appetite.) The first gaslamp fantasy novella in the Industrial Magic series, Brother’s Ruin, is out on sale now.

The thing I am most excited about is the fact that Gail Carriger, an amazing author who I have been a huge fan of since devouring the Parasol Protectorate series, said this about Brother’s Ruin: “A gripping story full of charm and adventure. Newman manages to keep her readers tense and delighted at the same time.” I think the squeal I made when I first saw that quote might have been heard on the other side of the planet, so if that shriek worried you, I’m really sorry.

Gaslamp fantasy is a new genre for me (though I confess I had no idea that the story I’d written would be classed as that until I saw Tor.com’s description!), and Brother’s Ruin is set in a new world with new characters. I had great fun writing this and the next in the series and I have ideas for several more adventures with Charlotte Gunn which I hope I get to write.

Of course, the likelihood of more novellas in the series being approved is all entirely dependent on sales, so if you fancy giving it a try, you can buy it at all your usual booksellers (like Barnes and Noble, Amazon UK and Amazon US, Forbidden Planet, Wordery, Waterstones, and the Book Depository). And if you like it, a review, a tweet about it or even just a ‘hey, you might like this too!’ to a friend will go a long way to securing your place in the hallowed halls of… no, wait, I mean it will go a long way to securing my undying gratitude. Yes, that’s it. After all, I doubt bribing my editor, the lovely Lee Harris, with chocolate and tea will get very far when it comes to buying more in the series.

In other news…

I’ve been rather absent online of late, thanks to major house renovations going on at the moment, coupled with a book deadline. They go so well together. So much fun.

In all seriousness, things are brilliant but also pretty stressful at the moment. That’s why I neglected to mention on here that Roc have bought another two books in the Planetfall universe. The next one, called Before Mars, will be out in April 2018. Here’s the official announcement .

Speaking of Mars…

I was on Radio 4 the other day, talking about Mars funnily enough. I’m only on for about 30 seconds or so, but the program is very interesting and the entire Mars set of programs are brilliant. You can find the one I’m in here and my snippet starts at 11.58 minutes in. I really recommend listening to the others in the series too.

But anyway…

Brother’s Ruin is out now! Yay! You can go and meet Charlotte Gunn and follow her adventures, perhaps with a nice cup of tea and a slice of cake. You can read more about it, along with links to where you can buy and see some reviews on the Brother’s Ruin page.

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  1. Paul Weimer says:

    Happy release day, EM!

  2. Emma says:

    Just read Brother’s Ruin – really enjoyed it and the world you created. I look forward to spending more time in it!

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