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A little tease for a grey Friday

By Emma on March 22, 2013

The Age Atomic, looking rather smashing

What better to blast away the cold, wet and grey that is this Friday than with a stupendously bright cover and the promise of something fabulous coming soon?

This beautiful book is the sequel to the rather splendid Empire State by Adam Christopher who is a very nice chap and one of the people I most look forward to spending time with when our paths cross at conventions.

If you’re wondering why his name is familiar (aside from the whole raft of stuff that the papers and internet write about him all the time, and deservedly so) he played a pivotal role in helping me find an unexpected home for Between Two Thorns. He’s even in the acknowledgements at the back of the book.

Here’s a teeny tiny teaser to get those synapses firing in anticipation of the release of The Age Atomic which is released by Angry Robot Books on April 4th.

A snippety jibbert from the Age Atomic

It’s like catching a glimpse of ankle in Victorian England… well, it is for me anyway. You can find links to all the other teasers here.

My lovelies, there’s a launch for The Age Atomic at Forbidden Planet, London on April 4th – details here. I would join you, but alas, I’ll be in hospital having wisdom teeth extracted. Damned inconvenient, I can tell you.

If you are also having minor oral surgery (what are the odds?) or otherwise engaged, you could always pre-order The Age Atomic.

Oh, and for what it’s worth, Adam is a damn fine writer. You heard it here last. xx

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