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A launch and a challenge

By Emma on November 21, 2016

In case you missed it, my latest sci-fi novel, After Atlas was recently launched at Forbidden Planet in London. (You can buy a signed copy of it as a result! Limited stock and FP do post internationally.) The event was wonderful and lots of people braved the awful rain to come, for which I am very grateful.

Once the signing was over, a few of the attendees stayed on and volunteered to do a mannequin challenge before we headed off for milkshakes and the video of it is below. It’s just something silly that I wanted to do as a memento. Thankfully you can’t see my face because it was so damn hard to keep frozen for thirty seconds or so and I was struggling not to giggle throughout. Everyone else did an amazing job though! Big thanks to Spindles of the Wonky Spanner podcasting network for filming and editing it. Oh and don’t worry – there’s deliberately no sound.

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  1. Steve Chappell says:

    Love the folks at Forbidden Planet – in fact, it was a member of the staff that turned me onto your Split Worlds series. Which I’m now all caught up on a jonesing for more, like a cheap addict. I meant to space them out more, but … the stories are too good to put down.

    So, I just downloaded Planetfall, and will hope that the next Split Worlds novel will be published by the time I next head to London. Thanks for the great storytelling!

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