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Lots of Friday flashes

By Emma on December 4, 2011

It’s occurred to me that those of you who only follow my blog may be under the impression that I no longer write flash fiction every week because I’m not posting it here. Ooops! That’s not true, in fact since the one I published at the beginning of November there have been four more, just elsewhere on the interweb.

So I thought I would point you in the direction of all of the Split Worlds flashes published so far, as one appears every week hosted on a different blog. You can sign up to the Split Worlds newsletter to get another free story right away, and then every week I’ll send you a tiny note to let you know where the latest one can be found.

The Good Client – Text – Audio

The Visit – Text – Audio

Knotty Secrets – Text – Audio

The Price of Art – Text – Audio

Last Fare – Text – Audio


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  1. Would it not be possible to post them here too…? she says, lazily…

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