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PLEASE NOTE: If you are a reviewer and would like to ask for an ARC of any of the Split Worlds novels for review, please get in touch with my publisher, Diversion Books, or in the case of Planetfall and After Atlas, Ace/Roc books at Penguin, as they deal with that side of things. Thanks!

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  1. Jean Hunt says:

    I made the mistake of reading the latest short story before I started work this morning, and couldn’t stop reading. I read it so quickly I had to read it again to make sure I missed nothing out. Loved it and thought (as usual) it would have an entirley different ending. You should definitely start submitting these stories or gather them together and get them seen by a wider audience. AJ 🙂

  2. tolbert says:

    Have tremendously enjoyed your site and will visit often. Thanks for providing this avenue into who you are and how your work is developing. I love it!

    Be good.


  3. justin adams says:

    will there be a sequel to 20 years later

  4. Emma says:

    Hi Justin,

    20 Years Later is the first of a trilogy, the sequel will be called 20 Years Later: Legacy 🙂 I emailed you, but maybe you’ve been waiting for an answer here, so here you go!

    Em x

  5. Tim says:

    Read “From Dark Places” last weekend.

    What with family life, work, newspapers and magazines, it was the first piece of fiction I’d read in years. Certainly 4 years. Think it might be 5.

    And the book? It was brilliant. Superb. And other superlatives.

    Thank you.

  6. Peggy says:

    Emma! I saw you at CONvergence (in Minnesota) last year & loved your talks. Are you coming this year? (I know it’s a long trip for you.)

    –Random face in audience

  7. Shane says:

    Just finished “After Atlas” and it was perfect, best book I have ever read. You kept me guessing right to the end and I never saw any of the plot twists coming. Bravo!!!


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