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From Dark Places

A collection of short stories

From Dark Places

Available for sale now!
Order a signed copy here (I will post to anywhere in the world) or get a Kindle version here:

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From Dark Places is in the Kindle Select program, so you can choose to borrow it (like a library book) if you’re an Amazon Prime customer. Sample the first two stories here

There is also an audio book version available here: http://iambik.com/books/from-dark-places-by-emma-newman/

Abby finds a creative solution to her father’s problems. Ben makes a pact with the Devil for a new Mum. Katie is pursued by unrelenting voices. John just found his colleague’s hand in a strange girl’s lap. Jarvis is falling apart on his wedding day. Rosalind comes face-to-face with her number one fan. And that is just the beginning.

Read the full review by Alan Baxter

Download the press pack for background information on the anthology, the publisher and me!

Every tale in this collection is delightful, spooky, creepy. Emma Newman is a master at saying just enough to make your own imagination give you goosebumps, and her characters are clear and well-defined.

Gracie Motley

This is the back cover blurb:

E.J. Newman’s debut anthology is a dark and twisting journey across the urban landscape, mining the rich seam of human frailties with insight and humour. The stories traverse the magical and the mundane, where supernatural beings are indistinguishable from their mortal counterparts in their complexity and complicity.

“Newman is unafraid to explore the darker side of fiction and, by extension, life. The stories are by turns touching and funny and heartwarming. And dark. In places very, very dark. Leave the light on.”

DAN POWELL, 2010 Yeovil Literary Prize winner

( Short Story)

“Gods, demons and angels inhabit these pages, as much at home as the cheating spouses, spurned lovers and ugly, foul-mouthed orphans. Newman is a powerful emerging voice in dark fiction. I’ll be watching out for more of her stuff. You should too.”

ALAN BAXTER , Author of ‘RealmShift’ and ‘MageSign’

I self-published this as an e-book last year, it has since been picked up by a publisher so this shiny new edition has been lovingly edited with 14 more stories (a total of 25) than the original e-book!

This anthology of short stories includes links to a secret area here on the website containing notes on the origin and development of each story, for you story geeks out there :)

From Dark Places (first edition) has received several 5/5 reviews on Amazon, Goodreads and Smashwords. Here are some comments from the readers themselves:

“The author doesn’t resort to slash and gore to bring out the fear. Instead, she leads the reader on a journey of dread down the dark paths that we’ve visited before in our nightmares, the what-ifs in the dark recess of our imaginations.

An excellent read that I would recommend to everyone.”

Laura Eno

“With these short stories Emma Newman proved to me that she is indeed the master of the dark twist. Spooky mixed with a touch of humour that makes it all the more entertaining, this collection is a great sampler of her work, showing her many skills when it comes to creating (and abusing!) memorable characters in not many words. Great collection, Emma– I can’t wait to read what you produce next!”

Jen Brubacher

You can read about its original creation here.

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  8. M A Rasheed says:

    Your book is wonderful and you are a brillient writer and I am getting
    inspiration. I want to email you but I don’t have your email address.

    With kind regards.


  9. Emma says:

    Hi Rasheed, thank you for your kind words. You can email me more privately by using the contact page here: http://www.enewman.co.uk/contact-me

  10. Upcoming4.me says:

    Jumped here from Angry Robot, and to be honest we can’t wait for the eArc to surface, sounds rather good and the stories available here are great. Thanks for sharing, we’ll gladly do a review!

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