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About Em: The GIF edition

You know, I hate writing about myself. So I made this as an antidote to my very serious About page. This is everything you need to know about me. In GIFs.

I write books. A few have been published. People have asked me to sign them and everything!

I still can’t quite believe it.


I make my own outfits and wear them to conventions to help deal with social anxiety.

I do actually do that with my tongue when I concentrate.


I drink a lot of tea. I am in good company.

I have a level 20 epic crush on this man.


I have a hierarchy of favourite tea cups. This is important.

It has taken my husband years to learn this hierarchy.


I’m represented by Jennifer Udden at the Barry Goldblatt Lit Agency. She is an awesome agent and keeps me sane.

That about covers it. And scary contract stuff.


This is what it feels like when you finally land a book deal.

I tried for a very long time. Seriously.


This is what I actually looked like:

My hair probably didn’t look that good though.


The thing that surprised me most about becoming a professional author (apart from people actually, you know, paying me for what I write) is just how much waiting there is in this job. I’m not very good at it.



I co-write, host and produce the Hugo nominated Tea and Jeopardy podcast. It’s silly and contains mild peril.

There’s a butler in it called Latimer. That’s how silly it is.


I’m also an audio book narrator.

Oh… if only…


I hate talking on the telephone unless I know someone very well, even then I prefer email. Telephone conversations that I’m not expecting from people I don’t know well are all kinds of agony.

I feel your pain, Han.


I love Twitter (I’m @emapocalyptic over there). One night there, I accidentally started my own virtual kingdom. That was pretty cool.

I love his outfit in that bit. And the ruthless evil too.


This imaginary kingdom is called Emtopia. I’m Queen there. Which is nice.

My imaginary throne has a nice plump cushion though.


No! I’m a benevolent Queen. Unless people forget to bring me tea and cake.

She had the best dresses.


When I love something, I really love it.

Just like this.


I got a bit obsessed with the Fisk and Vanessa relationship on Netflix’s Daredevil.

Oh my God, the feels! How could I be rooting for someone so evil?


And I get obsessed about characters in roleplaying games

I do think about role playing games an awful lot.


I’m a bit in love with D&D 5th ed at the moment too.


So there you go.

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  1. Loved this! Thanks for giving your audience this gif.

  2. Antiqueight says:

    I so totally agree about telephones.

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